Saturday, December 31, 2016


Today, I am sharing my view of the pedicure and manicure kit from a brand called VAADI HERBALS. The attractive pricing and the availability of this product across major e-commerce websites prompted me to buy it.

To begin with, this kit consists of a foot cleanser, a foot scrub, a foot cream, an anti-tan foot mask, and a nail and cuticle oil.  An entire pedicure-manicure range of products at an affordable price. I could not ask for more.

The packaging is really attractive. It is very compact and easy to carry.

The products are carefully arranged in a travel-friendly box.

The first product in this range is the foot cleanser. It has a gel-like consistency and has a strong lemongrass fragrance. Upon application, it lathers gently and does not produce excessive foam. It cleanses gently though not excessively, which is good in my case. The cleansing also requires a generous amount of the product and one scoop will not suffice.

The next product is a foot scrub. This product is my favorite in this entire range. It looks very luxurious though not very pricey. It has a creamy consistency with small herbal particles for gentle exfoliation. Again, it has a strong lemongrass fragrance and requires quite a generous amount for a thorough exfoliation.

The third product is a foot cream, which has a buttery consistency and mildly hydrating. It absorbs well into your skin without leaving the feet greasy. However, if you have a dry or very dry skin, you may require an extra layer of a heavy-duty moisturizer on top of it. The cream did not have an overpowering fragrance as its ingredients do not include lemongrass.

The fourth product is an anti-tan foot mask, which is little herbal and earthy. Again, you require a generous amount of the product to make it work for you. Upon application, it blends well into your skin unlike a typical mask that would stick to the outer layer of the skin. 

The last and final product is a nail and cuticle oil, which comes in a glass bottle with a rollerball tip. The application is very easy and not messy. The rollerball helps in gentle massaging of the cuticles and nails. This product also has a strong lemongrass fragrance.  

Overall, I am very happy with the product. I would definitely repurchase it. Unless you dislike the strong lemongrass fragrance, this product is a decent buy. It is definitely a value for money though does not produce miraculous results. 

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