Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Auravedic Bath Salts Review

I wanted to try bath salts in my bath for the longest time. I chanced upon Auravedic Bath Salts Rose in Amazon and grabbed it for a good deal (120 RS for 250 gm).

What Auravedic Bath Salts claims:
Auravedic Bath salts are packed with healthy minerals. To transform a bath into a luxurious and therapeutic experience, the use of aromatic salts or aromatherapy will create an atmosphere of sensuality and relaxation. Soothe and comfort your body by soaking in a warm bath. Soaking in this salt helps balance moisture in the skin and body, cleans pores, soothes skin and relaxes muscles. Infused with a therapeutic blend of essentials oils to rejuvenate both body and mind.

My Experience:
I purchased Auravedic Bath Salts in the rose fragrance. I used it as a part of my weekly home pedicure regimen. I also used it a few times to exfoliate my skin during the bath. 

Packaging: Auravedic Bath Salts come in an opague tubular plastic bottle with a lid cap. Natural and dried rose petals could be seen through the pack along with rose bath salts. 

Texture: It has a coarse texture to aid gentle exfoliation. When applied on the moist skin, it dissolves and creates a cooling effect. 

Fragrance: This is the best part of the Rose Auravedic Bath Salts. You can buy this product for this very reason. After using this in my bath, my entire washroom smelled like a heaven, and the smell stays for a long time. The high notes of rose fragrance sets the right environment for an aromatic bath or pedicure at home. I would recommend adding a handful of Auravedic Bath Salts to warm water in a bath tub and soak yourself for an enchanting expereince. You can also use it as a foot soak to relax your feet at the end of a tired day. 

Experience : As I mentioned, it creates a cooling effect when applied on the skin. However, I will not recommend the application of this product on the face as it caused a mild irritation around my eyes and the lip area.

Results: I did not see any visible results or positive change in my skin as a result of using Auravedic Bath Salts. In fact, it created mild irritation when I used it on my face. However, it works as great a foot soak and mildly exfoliates the body. 

My recommendation: If you are a fan of aromatic products and love flower fragrances, this is a great product to try your hands at. The soothing rose fragrance makes Auravedic Bath Salts worth its price. However, if you are looking for a miraculaous improvement in your skin, you will be disppointed. 

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