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My Chemistry with Juicy Chemistry : My Top Juicy Chemistry Picks : Part I

After a brief hiatus, I finally decided to give a second life to this blog. What could be a better way to restart my writing than writing about a skincare brand that has taken the organic skincare industry by storm? Yes, this post is about my favourite product brand, Juicy Chemistry!

What is Juicy Chemistry?

For the uninitiated, Juicy Chemistry is a natural and organic product brand, which includes a range of skin care, hair care, and body care products. These products are free from chemicals, artificial colorants, preservatives, and parabens. They include natural and organic ingredients that are safe for the skin and hair. Learn more about it here.  
Juicy Chemistry: Natural and Organic Skin and Hair Care 

When Juicy Chemistry was launched in Nykaa, I was thrilled to try the entire range. As I have normal to dry skin type, I tried quite a few skincare and hair care products from Juicy Chemistry  that are meant for dry skin and frizzy hair. Here is my review of each of the product after trying them religiously for a good six to seven months.

Juicy Chemistry products defy the saying “Don’t judge the book by its cover” as they have such an attractive packaging much like their contents. The products come in recyclable plastic jars. Each jar is carefully sealed with a silver foil to protect the product. Once the silver foil is removed, you should replace it with the plastic cover/protector that comes separately with the product. Besides the plastic protector, you also get a wooden spatula and a natural loofah with every purchase for FREE. What more could you ask for? 

Additional notes: As the Juicy Chemistry products don’t have preservatives, it is recommended to always scoop out the product using the spatula and secure the jar with the protector to maintain the hygiene of the product.
Though the brand is around for some time now, it shot to fame only with its launch in Nykaa, a few months back. The launch price seemed lighter on our pockets and had value for money. Within a span of six months, there is a sharp hike in the price of many products, which pushes Juicy Chemistry to the luxury segment.

Here is the list of Juicy Chemistry Hits and Misses

 Ylang Ylang and Lavender Oatmeal Daily Cleanser – A Holy Grail
This is my holy grail in a jar. I use the Ylang Ylang and Lavender Oatmeal Daily Cleanser almost every day.  Thanks to the ylang ylang and lavender essential oils in it. It smells heavenly, so much so that whenever I feel a little down, I catch a whiff of it and I’m good to go. This cleanser is not just a mood lifter, but a skin saviour too. I mix it as recommended with milk or milk cream and apply to the wet face in a circular motion and rinse well. Voila! My skin feels soft and supple. It has a coarse texture due to the presence of oatmeal, which helps in mild exfoliation as well.

My recommendation: Should I say more?  Go for it. The Ylang Ylang and Lavender Oatmeal Daily Cleanser will make your day. I have already repurchased it despite the price hike. Highly recommended for all!

Retails for Rs 600/- for 75 gm, Rs 400/- for 30g (a sharp hike from Rs 400 to 600 for 75gm)

Body Butters- A Big Thumbs Up
I tried two body butters from Juicy Chemistry. A sweet Classic Rose body butter and a spicy and wild Neroli and Rosehip body butter. While the Classic Rose body butter has a sweet and soothing fragrance that is just right for a moisturizer, the Neroli and Rosehip body butter has a strong and wild smell. The high notes of the Neroli frangrance in this body butter are extremely enduring, making a deodorant redundant.  However, if you are sensitive to spicy fragrance, I suggest you stay away from the Neroli and Rosehip body butter and choose another from their range of body butters. Similarly, it has a very thick consistency, which easily melts into a damp skin though. Go for it only if you have extremely dry and damaged skin.

Additional notes: I had purchased a full size (50g) product of the Neroli and Rosehip body butter, and a small size (15g) product of the Classic Rose body butter, which are now used to the last drop.

My recommendation: I give a big thumbs up to both the Neroli and Rosehip body butter and the Classic Rose body butter. As mentioned, the Neroli and Rosehip body butter may not suit people with normal to combination skin types. It is strictly meant for people with normal to dry and damaged skin.

Classic Rose Body Butter retails for Rs 650/- for 50 gm, Rs 400/- for 15gm 

Neroli and Rosehip Body Butter retails for Rs 600/- for 50 gm, Rs 400/- for 15gm 

Moisturisers- Claims Mouthful, But Not wonderful
I tried the Red Rasberry seed & Spearmint day cream, which has red raspberry seed and carrot seed oil as its chief ingredients. Raspberry seed and carrot seed has moisturizing properties in them, which help to keep the skin hydrated and supple. This day cream also claims to double up as a sunscreen as it contains natural SPF that protects the skin from the UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Quite a mouthful claim indeed! However, it failed miserably as a day cream as it made my face look cakey and all made-up. The texture of the cream is very thick, making it difficult to blend into the skin. To top it all, the cream has become rock solid in the cold Bengaluru weather, which doesn’t emulsifies even on the damp skin. I cannot comment on how this product fares as a sunscreen as I did not get a chance to roam in the sun.

My recommendation: I will neither repurchase nor recommend the Red Rasberry seed & Spearmint day cream.

 Red Rasberry seed & Spearmint retails for Rs 600/- for 35gm, Rs 350/- for 15gm

Lip Care- Rosy Features, Only If You Bear the Price Hike Thorn
I tried the Rosy Rose lip butter and the Rosy Rose lip scrub. The sweet rose fragrance dominates these products much like the Classic Rose body butter. The Rosy Rose lip butter has a sheer coverage and tingles upon application. As mentioned, it is not free from fragrance. It has a medium rose fragrance that lingers for some time. The lip butter protects the lips from the moisture loss and keeps them hydrated for an hour at the maximum. After sometime, it may need reapplication as with the other lip balms. It has also helped in lightening my lips a bit. 

Talking about the Rosy Rose lip scrub, it has a coarse texture for gentle exfoliation. It is visibly a blend of sugar, almond oil, and rose essence. Upon rubbing the solution on the lips, I can see instant results. My lips feel softer and supple. Again, the Rosy Rose lip scrub has also helped in lightening my lips.

My recommendation: I will recommend the Rosy Rose lip butter and the Rosy Rose lip scrub, but only if you are a fan of sweet fragrances. I wish I also repurchase the Rosy Rose lip butter and the Rosy Rose lip scrub, but with the sudden sharp hike in the price of these products, I’m forced to opt out and look for other options.

The Rosy Rose lip butter and the Rosy Rose lip scrub retails for RS 350/- each

Let's continue to explore more Juicy Chemistry products in the next post. The chemistry continues........

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