Thursday, January 19, 2017

Khadi Natural Milk & Saffron Herbal Hand Cream Review

Hello ladies, today I'm back with yet another review of a hand cream by a popular beauty brand called Khadi Natural. Khadi Natural Milk & Saffron Herbal Hand Cream comes in a plastic container. The packaging is handy and travel-friendly.

The texture of the product is very smooth and the consistency is thick. It is neither greasy nor dry,  just perfect for a boost of moisturization.  It absorbs easily into the skin. However, it is not recommended for people with extremely oily skin as it can turn out to be sticky.

As it has got moisturizing properties such as milk and Shea butter, it is better suitable for people with dry skin. It also has saffron as one of its chief ingredients, which helps in brightening the skin. Though it has got herbal ingredients and claims to be a herbal product, it doesn's smell earthy or herbal.The fragrance is very pleasant, though.

Another concern is this hand cream is not long-lasting. It requires multiple applications as it wears off quickly. Even when you apply it during the night when your hands are not exposed to the outside environment, it wears off quickly.

In my experience, this is a good product, but not a great product. I will neither repurchase nor recommend Khadi Natural Milk & Saffron Herbal Hand Cream.  I'll find out a good hand moisturizer and introduce it in this space soon.

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